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February 2018

Don't Mow Your Lawn

While Julian and I start to plan our veggie garden at his place, I think about my meadow - once kept regularly mowed but now let to grow and flower. At times it is splattered with the yellow blossoms of dandelion and hawkweed and purple and white violets, waving grasses, swooping swallows, butterflies and birds.

I am happy to hear that world-renowned jazz trombonist Ray Anderson and lyricist Jackie Raven offer sage sustainable advice and encouragement in their tune: Don't Mow Your Lawn!

Lyrics by Jackie Raven after listening to a lawn devotee mow for six hours when it should have taken 40 minutes! Famed trombonist Ray Anderson put it to music. Here he sings it (and plays at the end) with the George Gruntz Concert Jazz Band at Jazzwochethe, an international jazz festival in Burghausen, Germany.

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